COVID-19 has rapidly impacted our economy, culture, behavior, and values. Carlsbad Public Library developed the COVID-19 time capsule to capture this moment in time for future generations. You are invited to express and share your COVID-19 experiences using an original work to which you own the rights and your choice of media. Journal entries, poems, drawings, music, videos, photos, and more are welcome to be considered for this time capsule. All age groups are encouraged to participate in this unique opportunity to help document this extraordinary period in history.

Submitting Your Digital Items

We encourage a diverse range of submissions that reflect your COVID-19 experiences. The submission process is free and requires little to no time to upload. While there’s no limit to the number of submissions, we encourage you only to submit the ones you are most excited about including in our time capsule. Help us create a digital time capsule to preserve this moment in time.


  • A short description of what you are submitting is included
  • Your work is original, and you own the rights
  • Content is appropriate for all ages